How did I start personal branding using social networks? (My personal experience)

It all started with Facebook, the first social network that made me engage in social networking heavily. Yes I had hi5 and Myspace accounts before that, but Facebook was different… When I made hi5 and Myspace accounts, I found only 2 or 3 people I know. So I decided immediately to stop using them.

So what was different about Facebook?

I got to know Facebook from word of mouth; friends in uni were talking about the new cool social network and invited me to join, so I decided to make an account. When I made my Facebook account I found more than 50 people that I know from the first day and some of them I haven’t seen in ages!! .. and that when I felt in love with Facebook. I started to connect with people I know, share photos, make conversations and keep in touch and my list grew fast.

Then as all the other people in Facebook I was trying to create a certain image in the minds of the people in my list and there when I unconsciously started personal branding using a social network.

Now I have active Linkedin and Twitter accounts.  I started recently my Tumblr and this is my first article using WordPress. I will be telling you soon about my personal experience using all those websites and what I like and what I hate about them and how are they helping me to achieve a strong online presence.

So what is personal branding?

That is what I’m going to discuss in my next post ..

I would like to hear your opinion about how I started personal branding using social network and if you can share with me how you started personal branding it will be great… Please leave a comment =)

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