Get Naked Pizza in DUBAI!

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Before two weeks Jeff  Leach ,the social media guru and the co-founder of Naked Pizza, gave a presentation in the American University of Sharjah. I attended that presentation and It was very inspiring.

Naked Pizza for those who does not know is a new pizza company that is growing very fast. They opened the first branch in New Orleans .. and they became very popular in the States. They spent million of dollars to come up with a recipe that produce a healthy and delicious pizza.

Jeff started giving lectures in the UAE because they are opening the first branch outside the USA in Dubai. The first thing they did to start a conversation with the UAE people .. they changed their cool original name from naked pizza to NKD Pizza, which I found very smart because people here won’t accept the original name of the restaurant. The Naked Pizza guys took into consideration the cultural sensitivities, and I think this is the first step to start communicating.

Jeff Leach answering questions @ AUS .. Was taken by Aladdin ©

One of the questions that one of the student asked was if Naked pizza are going to use traditional media in order to advertise their product and Jeff said that is for sure they are going to use traditional media like direct mailing, but mainly they are going to focus on social media, Twitter. Facebook .. Etc.

I loved when Jeff said “we are not in the pizza business we deliver you a healthy pizza to start a conversation”. THIT IS SOCIAL MEDIA ..  In conclusion, this is going to be a great case study for the cause of better use of social media.

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