Ad Agencies .. It is the time to start Listening

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Back in the days people were not good at listening … They just liked to be heard

Take the production mentality as an example .. people used to produce what they can without asking the consumers if their product is what they really need .. and after that the producers tried to find a way to get rid off what they produced by convincing people that their product is what they need … and that is what we call ladies and gentlemen advertising … do not get me wrong i love advertising and i studied advertising in uni .. what I wanted to say that traditional advertising was the reflection of  the production mentality on communications.

The marketing concept revolutionized the way producers think … so producers started to listen to people before they produce and they started to offer the consumers stuff that they really want and need .. what is sad that producers are still using the same old traditional ways to publicise and  survive in very competitive markets!!! wake up people!! .. Advertising needed a revolution and it got what it needed .. Social media!

Social Media is the best reflection of the marketing concept on communications, so AGAIN for the traditional advertising agencies  Wake UP!

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