Do Not “Get in Their Face” When They Are Not Looking!

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If you wanna buy a new football shoes, a new laptop or new DSLR camera the first two things you are going do are:
1- Ask your friends
2- Google it!
For example, if you do not know anything about DSLR cameras and your friends do not know anything too … you will go to google and typ “DSLR cameras” and you will find many choices there but the first links you are going to click are the first links in the search result right?

That is what we call permission marketing ladies and gentleman … you ask for dslr cameras and they provide you with the information … If you do not want or need dslr cameras we are not going to bug you with tv commercials, radio commercials, billboards or print ads (that is what we call interruption marketing or outbound marketing) .. ask for information and we will be the first who will provide you with what you need and that is the art of permission marketing or inbound marketing … that is the art of SEO and SMO.

The new goal of marketing is to “get found” by customers when they are looking, not “get in their face” when they are not looking.

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