Why Arabs are still loyal to forums?

10 years ago and while I was exploring the fascinating new technology the internet someone sent me a link of a website .. I clicked on the link and it was a Arabic sports forum, that was the first time I visit an online forum, and while I was navigating the website I noticed that members can write there ideas freely and discuss football with other members! .. I registered in the forum to have that privilege and started writing and it felt great to see everyone reading my posts .. I felt freedom of expression and started to look for similar websites on the web. I found many Arabic forums that talks about Politics, religion, sports, fashion and so many other topics! I was a kid back then and I was only interested in football to be honest, but I noticed that there are thousands of people who write in the Arabic forums, those were the early adopters so most probably there were MILLIONS who just visit those forums to read!

Why most of us Arabs are loyal to those forums?
Most of the writers in forums use nick names and that makes them feel comfortable to speak their minds .. Add to that, through the last 10 years forums communities have grown bigger and better .. and that is why till now the Arabs like to visit, read and write in forums!
I believe that marketers, pr practitioners and social media experts in the Arab world should always remember that forums are still part of the success formula!

are forums part of social media?
I think yes .. I like to define social media as audience-generated media and forums fit that description perfectly!
But who cares if forums are social media or not! It gives power to the people and that what social media is all about!

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